Zurampic 200 mg

Facts of Medicine

  • Brand Name: Zurampic
  • Innovator Brand Name: Zurampic
  • API: Lesinurad
  • Packaging: 5/30/90 tablets
  • Strength: 200mg
  • Manufacturer Name: AstraZeneca
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Uses of medication: Lesinurad is prescribed together with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor for the treatment of hyperuricemia associated with gout in such patients who haven’t got target serum uric acid levels with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor alone.

Dosage: Lesinurad tablets are for oral use and prescribed to be co-administered with the xanthine oxidase inhibitor, including allopurinol or febuxostat. Lesinurad is recommended at 200 mg once daily. The lesinurad dosage should be taken by mouth at about the same time in the morning with food and water.

Treatment Reactions: Most commonly reported side effects due to lesinurad for gout may include:

  • Headache
  • Influenza
  • Blood creatinine increased
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Warnings and Precautions:

  • In case treatment with the xanthine oxidase inhibitor is interrupted, zurampic 200 mg should also be interrupted.
  • So not use this medication as a monotherapy.
  • Patients must be instructed to stay well hydrated (eg, 2 liters/68 oz of liquid daily).
  • The lesinurad uses are not recommended in case you’re a woman of childbearing potential or you’re breastfeeding.
  • Renal function assessment is recommended before initiation of therapy and periodically thereafter.
  • Use of lesinurad is not recommended in order to treat asymptomatic hyperuricemia.
  • In case a gout flare occurs while on lesinurad treatment, lesinurad need not be interrupted. The gout flare can be managed concurrently.

More Info.

Storage: Protect lesinurad tablet from light. Store the tablets at temperature 20°C-25°C (68°F-77°F); excursions permitted from 15°C-30°C (59°F-86°F).

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Conclusion: Treatment with lesinurad 200 mg together with febuxostat has shown superior lowering of the serum UA levels in comparison with febuxostat alone. The safety and tolerability profile with lesinurad in patients with gout is quite promising.

Commonly Asked Questions

From which class of drug Lesinurad belongs?

Lesinurad specifically belongs to the class of drugs named antihyperuricemic.

How does Lesinurad work?

It reduces the uric acid levels in order to block the function of proteins in the kidney, involved in the reabsorbing uric acid from the urine back into the bloodstream. In order to reduce the reabsorption of the uric acid, it reduces the uric acid levels in the body.

What is the generic name of zurampic?

Lesinurad is known as the zurampic generic version medication.

Is lesinurad brands available in India?

Yes, the lesinurad brands in india are available.

How much does zurampic cost?

The zurampic cost in india may vary depending on the pharmacy you visit. Cost for the supply of 30 tablets of Zurampic 200mg is around 28,000 INR.

where to buy zurampic?

In order to get the best zurampic price, always go with a kind of Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Company that holds the ISO certification as well as certification of WHO-GDP.