What is Thyroid cancer?

Thyroid glands are present in the front side of the neck and butterfly shaped glands, the major hormone released by them is Thyroxine. Thyroid cancer is the cancer of the tissues of the thyroid glands. Symptom of thyroid cancer includes the swelling in the neck or lump formation. It is basically of the four main types and diagnosis is based on ultrasound or fine needle aspiration. Women are more often affected with this type of cancer than men.

Can Thyroid cancer be cured?

Once detected the Thyroid cancer treatment options includes the

  • Surgery

  • Radiation therapy

  • Chemotherapy

  • Thyroid hormone and

  •  Targeted therapy

Thyroid cancer can be cured if diagnosed early and therapy is initiated.
Thyroidectomy or dissection of the front part of the thyroid gland is the initial step in treatment of thyroid cancer in majority of the cases diagnosed with the disease.

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