Luliconazole Cream


  • Brand Name: Luliconaz
  • Innovator Brand Name: Luzu
  • API: Luliconazole 1%
  • Packaging: Tube
  • Strength: 30 Gram
  • Manufacturer Name: Healing Pharma
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Uses of medication: Luliconazole is an imidazole antifungal topical cream. Luliconazole is used for treating athlete’s foot (interdigital tinea pedis), jock itch (tinea cruris), and ringworm (tinea corporis) caused by dermatophytes such as Trichophyton rubrum, Microsporum gypseum and Epidermophyton floccosum.

Dosage: For treating interdigital tinea pedis, Luliconazole Cream’s thin layer should be applied to the affected area and approximately 1 inch of the surrounding area once in a day for a couple of weeks. For treating tinea corporis or tinea cruris, Luliconazole cream should be applied to the affected as well as approximately 1 inch of surrounding area once in a day for 7 days.

Treatment Reactions: The most commonly reported adverse reactions of Luliconazole 1% Cream are:

  • skin reactions at the treatment site
  • skin irritation
  • itching
  • redness
  • burning

Inform your healthcare provider if you experience any skin reactions on the areas of your skin treated with this cream.

Warnings and Precautions:

  • Luliconazole Cream is not recommended for ophthalmic, oral, or intravaginal use.
  • Caution should be exercised when this cream is applied to women who are breastfeeding.
  • Luliconazole 1% cream should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Affected area should be cleaned and dried prior to applying the cream.
  • Hands should be properly washed after applying, unless hands are the affected area.

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Storage: Luliconazole 1% Cream should be stored at 20-25°C (68°F to 77°F). Excursions permitted from 15-30°C (59°F to 86°F). This cream should be kept away from the light, excess heat, and moisture.

Alternate Brands: The existing alternate brands of Luliconazole 1% Cream are as follows:

  • Lulibet 1% Cream 30gm (Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
  • Lulican 1% Cream 10gm (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
  • Lulibet 1% Cream 20gm (Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
  • Luliderm Cream 10gm (Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd)
  • L Sys 1% Cream 10gm (Systopic Laboratories Pvt Ltd)
  • L Sys 1% Cream 30gm (Systopic Laboratories Pvt Ltd)
  • Lucoz Cream 15gm (Ajanta Pharma Ltd)
  • Lucoz Cream 30gm (Ajanta Pharma Ltd)
  • Lilituf Cream 15gm (Alkem Laboratories Ltd)
  • Ludura Cream 20gm (Cipla Ltd)
  • Lupizol Cream 10gm (Lupin Ltd)
  • Luligee Cream 10gm (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
  • Luligee Cream 30gm (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
  • Lulimac Cream 10gm (Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd)
  • Lulimac Cream 20gm (Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd)
  • Lulimac Lotion 15ml (Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd)
  • Lulimac XL Cream 30gm (Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd)
  • L Trix Cream 20gm (Micro Labs Ltd)
  • Lulizol Cream 20gm (Klm Laboratories Pvt Ltd)
  • Lulizol Cream 10gm (Klm Laboratories Pvt Ltd)

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  • Hyaluronic Acid
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Conclusion: Luliconazole 1% cream is safe, well-tolerated and significantly has greater efficacy in order to treat tinea pedis, tinea cruris and interdigital tinea pedis.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Luliconazole Cream?

Luliconazole Cream is a prescription medicine recommended for skin (topical) in order to treat athlete’s foot that is between the toes, jock itch, and ringworm.

Can Luliconazole cream be recommended for children?

Luliconazole cream can only be recommended in people 18 years of age and older.

What class of medications Luliconazole is?

Luliconazole 1% cream is specifically an antifungal which belongs to an azole class of drug.

How does Luliconazole work?

Luliconazole functions by killing the fungi on the skin in order to destroy their cell membrane.