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  • Brand- Thioplan
  • API- Thiotepa
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Thiotepa Uses:

Thiotepa 15 mg is indicated to reduce the risk of graft rejection when used in conjunction with high-dose busulfan and cyclophosphamide as a preparative regimen for allogeneic hematopoietic progenitor (stem) cell transplantation (HSCT) for pediatric patients with class 3 beta-thalassemia.

    • It is for the treatment of adenocarcinoma of the breast or ovary.
    • Healthcare professionals recommend this medicine for controlling intracavitary effusions secondary to diffuse or localized neoplastic diseases of various serosal cavities.
    • Doctors use this medicine to treat superficial papillary carcinoma of the urinary bladder.
Mechanism of Action of Thiotepa Thiotepa is a cytotoxic agent of the polyfunctional type, related chemically and pharmacologically to the nitrogen mustard. The radiomimetic action of Thiotepa. Thiotepa is believed to occur through the release of ethyleneimine radicals which, like irradiation, disrupt the bonds of DNA. One of the principal bond disruptions is initiated by the alkylation of guanine at the N-7 position, which severs the linkage between the purine base and the sugar and liberates alkylated guanines.


The general recommended dosage of Thiotepa in:

  • Class 3 Beta-Thalassemia
In pediatric patients, there are two administrations of 5 mg/kg of Thiotepa for intravenous infusion approximately 12 hours apart on the 6th day before allogeneic HSCT in conjunction with high-dose busulfan and cyclophosphamide.
  • Adenocarcinoma of the Breast or Ovary
The administration of a dosage of Thiotepa for treatment of adenocarcinoma of the breast or ovary is 0.3-0.4 mg per kg intravenously.
  • Malignant effusions
The recommended dosage of Thiotepa for intracavitary infusion is 0.6 to 0.8 mg/kg.
  • Superficial papillary carcinoma of the urinary bladder
The general dosage for treating superficial papillary cancer of the urinary bladder is 60 mg Thiotepa in 30-60 ml of Injection containing Sodium Chloride into the bladder by catheter.

Side Effects of medicine 

Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, Fatigue, weakness, Allergic reactions, Contact dermatitis, pain at the injection site, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, Dysuria, urinary retention, chemical cystitis, or hemorrhagic cystitis, respiratory problems, etc.


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Precautions and Warnings

  • There are cases of Myelosuppression in patients treated with high doses of Thiotepa with other chemotherapy; healthcare professionals should not begin the preparative regimen if a stem cell donor is not available. One should monitor complete blood counts and provide supportive care for infections, anemia, and thrombocytopenia until adequate hematopoietic recovery. 
  • If a patient shows anaphylactic or another clinically significant allergic reaction, discontinue treatment with Thiotepa, start appropriate therapy, and monitor until symptoms resolve.
  • One should not administer live or attenuated viral or bacterial vaccines to a patient treated with Thiotepa until the immunosuppressive effects have resolved.
  • Healthcare professionals advise avoiding the administration of Thiotepa in pregnant females due to the potential risk to the fetus.


    There is no experience with overdoses of ThiotepaThiotepa. The most significant adverse reactions expected in overdose are myeloablation and pancytopenia. There is no known antidote for Thiotepa overdose. Healthcare professionals will monitor the hematological status closely and provide vigorous supportive measures as medically indicated. Storage and Handling of Thiotepa

    The Thiotepa vials must be stored and transported refrigerated at 2°C to 8°C or 36° to 46°F. Do not freeze.

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Commonly asked questions

What are the ingredients of the medicine Thioplan?

The active ingredient in the medicine is Thiotepa, and the inactive ingredient is water for reconstitution of medicine in injection.

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