The Indian Pharma is a fast growing pharmaceutical Consultancy and Service company for providing access to genuine medicines (Hepatitis C, Anticancer Medicines and Innovator drugs) through reliable network of pharmaceuticals distributors, suppliers and pharmacies. We also have own pharmacy named as Ikris pharma network .which work under compliant distribution guidelines. Our strength is based on stringent validation for network distribution partner to ensure genuine and trustworthy access to all cancer medicines (prescription drugs). We help in accessing Multinationals Original brands launched in India, Indian generic cancer medicines which are very economical compared to branded Innovator brands and over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare products.

Besides Indian products (which are registered in India) we also provide patients, Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry access to unregistered/unavailable medicines to satisfy unmet medical needs where current medicines option is not available in the country or exhausted all other options. To achieve this aim, we have network which can operate efficiently in a complex global regulatory environment and which can ensure that precious medicines are delivered securely and effectively, wherever they are needed throughout the product life cycle.

The Indian Pharma is a consulting pharmaceutical company:

• Having more than 20 years of experience of Specialty Pharmaceutical drugs distribution.

• Supplying innovator and generic anti cancer products at the most competitive prices.

• Help in sourcing all product through company authorized distributors

• Special care to ship temperature sensitive medicines.

• Besides India, we have been able to cater medicines request coming from Europe, USA, China, Australia, ASEAN countries and Latin American countries

• We also assist patients for Medical consultation if they so desire

• We strongly believe in :- Transparency, Efficiency, Quick Response, Competitive pricing, Fast Delivery

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M: + 91 8130290915

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