Hydroquinone Cream


  • Brand- Melalite Forte
  • API- Hydroquinone (4% w/w)
  • Pack Size- 30 gm
  • Manufacturer- Abbott
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Uses of medication: Hydroquinone cream is a depigmenting cream used to lighten the dark patches such as chloasma, freckles, melisma, age spots caused due to increased formation of melanin in the skin. Hydroquinone cream blocks the process of skin that causes discoloration or pigmentation.

Dosage: Apply the cream on the pigmented area twice or thrice daily. Coat the skin with the even layer to avoid improper skin lightening. This cream is strictly allowed only for external use and should be used away from eyes and mouth. The cream can cause toxicity and in case of a missed dose apply the cream as soon as you recall.

Treatment reactions: Some most commonly reported treatment reactions include:

  • Mild burning
  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Stinging
  • An allergic reaction such as itching or inflammation
  • Skin cracking
  • Blistering
  • Blue-black darkening of the skin

Warnings and precautions

  • Before using this cream talk with your health care professional about having any allergy with inactive ingredients present in the cream.
  • Before using this cream talk with your doctor about asthma or any skin disorder.
  • During pregnancy or breastfeeding, the cream should be avoided until it is very necessary.
  • If the problem of flaking or inflammation persists after using the cream discontinued the drug immediately.
  • Consult with your health care professional about taking any home remedy for vitamins along with the treatment.

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Storage: Store the cream at room temperature. Keep it away from the children. Do not store it in moisture or under direct sunlight.

Alternate Brands: Some common alternative brand of hydroquinone cream are:

  • Hyde Solution 50ml (Menarini India Pvt Ltd).
  • Hyde Cream 30gm (Menarini India Pvt Ltd).
  • Epilite Solution 40ml (Percos India Pvt Ltd).
  • Melalite Forte Cream 30gm (Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd).
  • Melapik HQ Cream 20gm (Klm Laboratories Pvt Ltd).
  • MELANORM Cream 30gm (Unimarck Healthcare Ltd).
  • RADANT LITE Cream 20gm (Percos India Pvt Ltd).
  • EUKROMA 4% Cream 20gm (Yash Pharma Laboratories Pvt Ltd).
  • Pinkquin Cream 25gm (Karlin Pharmaceuticals & Pvt Ltd).
  • EUKROMA 2% Cream 40gm (Yash Pharma Laboratories Pvt Ltd).

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why is hydroquinone used?

Hydroquinone is used as a depigmenting cream that lightens up the skin.

Is hydroquinone safe to be used on the face?

Yes, hydroquinone cream is considered safe to be used on the face.

What are the common side effects caused due to hydroquinone cream?

Some of the common side effects really caused due to hydroquinone cream include redness, itching, stinging, inflammation, flaking on the skin.