Tegafur Gimeracil Oteracil


  • Brand Name: Furmecil
  • API: Tegafur Gimeracil Oteracil
  • Dosage Form: Capsules
  • Strength:15mg/4.35mg/11.8mg & 20mg/5.8mg/15.8mg
  • Manufacturer Name: BDR Pharmaceuticals
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Uses of medication:

Furmecil is a fixed-dose combination oral chemotherapy medicine with active constituents-Tegafur, Gimeracil and Oteracil (also known as S-1) to treat adults with advanced gastric cancer.


The recommended standard dose of Furmecil when administered in combination with cisplatin is 25mg/m2 (expressed as tegafur content), twice daily, morning and evening, for 21 consecutive days followed by 7 days rest (one treatment cycle). Repeat the treatment cycle every 4 weeks. Capsules should be taken by mouth with water at least 1 hour before or 1 hour after a meal. Furmecil (Tegafur/gimeracil/oteracil) should only be prescribed by a qualified health specialist experienced in treating cancer patients with anti-neoplastic medicinal products.

Treatment Reactions:

The most commonly reported side effects due to Furmecil in combination with cisplatin may include:

  • anemia
  • neutropenia
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • anorexia
  • fatigue
  • abdominal pain
  • weight decrease

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Warnings and Precautions:

  • Use of Tegafur 15 mg + Gimeracil 4.35 mg + Oteracil 11.8 mg is restricted in patients with known Hypersensitivity to any of the active substances (tegafur, gimeracil, oteracil) or in patients with known history of severe/unexpected reactions to fluoropyrimidine therapy.
  • Patients on Furmecil and with low white blood cell counts should be monitored precisely for infection and probability of other complications of neutropenia and treated as medically indicated (e.g., with antibiotics, granulocyte-colony stimulating factor [G-CSF].
  • Administration of Furmecil 20 mg capsule in hepatitis B virus carriers, HBc antigen negative and HBc antibody positive patients, or HBs antibody positive and HBs antigen negative patients may result in reactivation of hepatitis B. Patients should be tested for HBV infection prior to initiating treatment with Furmecil.
  • Patients taking treatment with Furmecil and with asthenia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, stomatitis, diarrhoea, and gastrointestinal obstruction need to be monitored precisely for signs/symptoms of dehydration. Manage dehydration aggressively with rehydration and with other apt measures. 
  • For detecting early changes in the renal function during treatment, renal parameters need to be precisely monitored (e.g., serum creatinine, CrCl). In case deterioration of glomerular filtration rate is noted,Furmecil 15 mg and/or cisplatin dose should be adjusted. 
  • Concomitant use of Furmecil with Brivudine is not recommended. There must be at least a 4-week waiting period between end of therapy with brivudine and initiation of Furmecil therapy. The brivudine treatment can be started 24 hours after the last dose of Furmecil. 
  • Furmecil treatment is not for patients with severe renal impairment because of the possibly higher incidence of adverse events of the lymphatic system and blood and the risk of unexpectedly higher exposure to 5-FU as a result of fluctuations in renal function in these patients, unless the benefits clearly outweigh the risks. 
  • Prior to starting therapy with Furmecil, patients must tell their health specialist if they are pregnant, if they think they are pregnant, or if they intend to become pregnant. Do not take this medicinal product during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Store Tegafur Gimeracil Oteracil capsules at room temperature between 15°C and 25°C. Protect it from excess moisture and heat. Keep these capsules away from the reach of children.

Availability in India:

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Buying Procedure:

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In conclusion, FURMECIL (Tegafur/Gimeracil/Oteracil), an anti-cancer medication has demonstrated high effectiveness with a favourable safety profile.


What is Furmecil? 

Furmecil, the first generic in India (popularly known as S-1, which is a combination of 3 medications: Tegafur, Gimeracil, and Oteracil) approved for the treatment of advanced gastric cancer.

What does Furmecil contain as an active substance?

The Furmecil specifically contains the active substance Tegafur Gimeracil Oteracil.

What type of drug is Furmecil? 

Furmecil is a combination chemotherapy medicine that contains the active constituents tegafur, gimeracil, and oteracil.

How much does Furmecil cost in India?

The furmecil cost in India is reasonable and can vary. To procure it authentically, you can get in touch with us either via TOLL-FREE: 1800 889 1064 or WhatsApp: +91 8130290915 or Email: info@theindianpharma.com.

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Can I get Furmecil even if I am not based in India?

The Indian Pharma helps patients in accessing or importing Furmecil, not approved in their home country against the legitimate prescription and in conformity with the all local laws and regulations of their home country.

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