Tibsovo is a brand-name medicine that contains the active drug ivosidenib. Tibsovo is the first medicine approved by the FDA to treat AML in individuals with an IDH1 mutation. Tibsovo ivosidenib is also the first drug in its class (IDH1 inhibitors). In the year 2018, Tibsovo was approved by the FDA and designated as an orphan drug.

Supplied by Servier Pharmaceuticals, the medication Tibsovo is available in 250 mg tablets. Promoted worldwide, Tibsovo price for the complete course will be determined by the dosage recommendations.

This once-daily oral prescription medicine is used to treat adult patients with an IDH1 mutation with:

  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML): For newly diagnosed patients aged 75 years or older or who have health complications that prevent the use of certain chemotherapy treatments or for patients whose disease has returned or has not gotten better after previous treatments.
  • Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer): For patients who have previously received treatment and whose cancer has spread.

Tibsovo in India is often prescribed by a doctor experienced in treatment of cancer. The availability and access of Tibsovo is limited. Specialized medicines like Tibsovo are life-saving in nature. Timely access to Tibsovo 250 mg can benefit immensely. Tibsovo is not yet registered in India. It can be imported or can be sourced from authorized service providers like THE INDIAN PHARMA (TIP). There are several existing factors that are expected to determine the cost of tibsovo tablets in India.

Procuring Tibsovo in India Through Legal Channels:

Tibsovo 250 mg does not require any special cold chain conditions, but it has to be shipped and stored in a stipulated temperature environment. Service providers like THE INDIAN PHARMA (TIP) who know the process and procedures of sourcing Tibsovo legally will be helpful.

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